Outpatient Treatment (OP)

Individual and group treatment services of varying duration and intensity according to a prescribed plan. It is a state approved non residential program which provides chemical dependency assessments, and an alcohol/ drug free counseling program for adults.

Additional Services



Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS) 

This is a 1 day course totaling 8 - 12 hours  of classroom instructions.  Individuals attend this course because their use of alcohol or other drugs has put them and others at risk. The course encourages  effective decision making and reduction of recidivism by providing participants with accurate information about alcohol and other drugs while assisting them in making changes to their high risk substance use behavior. 


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Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

 A higher intensity than Outpatient treatment. IOP is a concentrated 3x's per week commitment , non residential program of individual and group counseling, education, activities and their families.