It is important that you keep your appointments and call within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment if your are unable to keep them.  Failure to call or show will result in a $75.00 fee.  Clients that are utilizing the Employee Assistance Program benefits will be directed back to their EAP for a referral to a new clinician.



Fees are due upon services. If you would like to bill your insurance or Employee Assistance Program for your sessions, please complete the registration process at least 24 hours prior to your initial appointment, this is to verify the accuracy of your benefits. It will be expected that you pay for your session privately if your insurance information is not completed prior to your visit.

Therapy Intake                            Fees depend on health insurance at time of service or Private Pay rates 

Individual Therapy                    

Couples Therapy                         

Group Therapy

Moral Reconation Therapy

Domestic Violence Evaluations

Shoplifting Evaluations                          

Substance Use  Evaluations         

DUI Evaluations                          

DOT Qualified SAP Evaluation (including SAP Non-DOT):   

Offsite Evaluations                       

Alcohol Drug Information School  $150.00 per person / group session

Urinalysis testing                          $40.00 per test


Will be billed at health insurance or private pay rate


         F.H. Counseling & Associates

In network / Out of Network with Insurance

Fess for service I have agreed to  as a "in network " provider may reflect differently than those listed above.  F.H. Counseling & Associates PLLC will submit claims directly with your approval. Remember, that health insurance will not pay for treatment without having a diagnosis.  In which many insurance companies and Employee Assistance Programs require detailed information before they authorize payment.  Be aware that you are responsible for any non-covered costs, copays or deductibles. You also have the choice to choose private pay to protect your confidentiality.

Out of network Insurance companies are billed at regular rate.  You will be informed if your insurance company is a in or out of network company.

***Most Insurances are accepted please call for more information****